Revolt at Windows Central?

There’s something interesting going on over at There’s something interesting going on over at one of my daily haunts for keeping up with the everchanging world of IT.

I really like the administrator of the site (Digital Dave) and by and large the site has been a fun resource. Some of the less advanced Windows users hang out on there and they do get help. However, an interesting thing has started to occur over there.

The villagers seem to be revolting a little.

Digital Dave has been posting many “site babbles” (read: streams of consciousness) about Vista in general. Some of them are negative, some of them are favorable. All of them receive mountains of replies trying to convince Dave that Vista is shit.

I think this is the third or so site babble that has been met with resistance from many nooks and crannies of the site. Even more interesting, none of the regular site readers are coming out in defense of Windows Vista. It appears that Digital Dave stands alone.

Granted, I’ve been a participant 🙂

I’m not sure what I would do if I were Dave. In many ways, it looks like there’s an all-out revolt being staged against Windows Vista on the very-Windows-centric site. This kinda sucks for Dave because each time a new version of Windows comes out, he tends to focus on that revision. If Vista is generating a revolt, then what is he to cover in terms of Windows topics as XP is forcibly phased out?

I’m keeping my eye on another daily Windows-centric haunt known as ActiveWin to see if another revolt starts there… I don’t comment as much there. But it will be interesting to see.

Are you noting any other Windows sites in revolt?