Plugin hell

Well, I’ve been horsing around with plugins tonight. I’ve been wanting to reestablish the stuff, but apparently there’s some wacky javascript tricks that EZ Scrobbler pulls that aren’t too friendly with this theme. I like this theme, so the theme stays until I can figure out what to do with EZ Scrobbler. If you really want to see my page, go there for now.

I also found a killer WordPress podcast plugin. Can’t wait to use it.

Also, I managed to post a Jaiku plugin at the top. See it? Up there? If you join Jaiku, be sure to add me to your contacts so I can keep up with you.

I’ve also added a redirect for failing subscriptions to rss.aspx, which is the file that served my blog feed when I was on Community Server. Hopefully, the redirect will send you to the proper feed. Please report misbehavior.

In other news, I should have been in bed a long time ago. Goodnight.