Vista’s 40 million strong

Paul Thurrott’s Internet Nexus – A technology blog

On this post, Paul Thurrott points out the install base of Windows Vista is 40 million strong… so sayeth Bill Gates. Despite all of the negative press, Vista has a strong presence in the industry and is already installed on more machines than non-Microsoft products.

I echo Paul… “I get it.” However, what no one is able to measure unfortunately, is how many people are uninstalling Vista to roll back to XP or another operating system. Reporting that sales of Vista is 40 million strong does not mean that there are 40 million PCs using it. Every day, I read posts about people trying to weather Vista and failing.

I still sense a change in the industry’s attitude toward Microsoft products. The corporate types at Redmond may not be able to smell it, but from here on the ground I do not see much in the way of positive Vista developments. Even the revolt over at Windows Central somewhat succeeded – as the admin of that site finally gave in and rolled back to XP64. Granted, it wasn’t because of the revolt – but rather because he could no longer use Vista to get through his daily battle.