WWDC 2007 registration!

So we journeyed down the hill from our hotel to Moscone Center West to get a gander of WWDC 2007 and register for the show. Many folks had the same idea – they were streaming in from everywhere with excited looks on their faces. Many of them registered and immediately unpacked their laptops – perhaps to blog about the experience.

The show’s swag featured a fairly elegant WWDC ’07 laptop bag and t-shirt. The laptop bag posed a bit of a problem for us since we had a toddler and stroller with us, but the wife managed to find a way to get it attached to the stroller to make it easier to carry.

Apple has really taken over Moscone Center West. There are Leopard banners everywhere and it pretty much looks as if they own the place. Heh. Apple pwned Moscone Center West.

I am keeping a Picasa album of all pictures here.