Meeting with MacBU (WWDC update)

Last night I attended the MacBU WWDC 2007 reception. It was quite the party. I met the new GM of MacBU, Craig Eisler. He’s a very energetic fellow. One fo the MacBU devs described him as “kinetic.” That’s probably accurate.

We spoke a little bit about issues with Entourage that plague our mail system, but I turned the conversation to something a little more positive. He was one of the first DirectX developers back in the Windows 95 days. That made him a hero for me. It was great to meet him.

I asked Emma, our guide, if she knew of Nadyne who wrote the Love Letter to Entourage post on Mac Mojo. Indeed she did… and she was present! So the last part of my visit with the MacBU was spent talking with Nadyne. Nadyne is a user experience worker in the MacBU. We discussed Entourage interoperability troubles and she promised that they understood the issue quite well. Here’s to hoping that gets better.

We also discussed that Love Letter to Entourage post and she says she knew what she was in for when she posted it. I’m glad she did, because she was raked over the coals (even by yours truly, a bit). Meeting her in person makes me feel much better though.

Here’s to hoping the MacBU is listening and making it all better.

On tap today: some sessions on Podcast Producer (COOL STUFF!) and Quartz. Leopard rocks, hard. Seriously.