Two page impressions

Wow, okie I suck. I’ve not been posting in a while, I realize this – but to look over my Adsense and see that I had *2* page impressions yesterday? Hahahaha wow.

Sorry I’ve been MIA folks. I’ve been quite busy. This is the obligatory, “Sorry my blog sucks, but I’ve not given it much attention lately.” By the time I get to Seattle, WA this afternoon, I will have clocked in about 62 hours on the day job this week. It’s things like this that keep me away. I’m sure you understand. If you don’t understand, tough.

I do have some interesting news about Entourage 2004, but I’ve been holding on to it until a real KB article gets published on it. I have to strut our stuff a little bit because we found the grandaddy of all bugs in Entourage 2004 – and Microsoft is fixing it. I’ll provide more detail when I feel like I can without some kind of nasty repercussions.