iWeb and getting flustered

iWeb has me all hot and bothered. You see, I really, really like the simplicity of it. I’m irritated, however, by its reliance on .Mac. I don’t have a .Mac account yet because… well… I don’t truly own a Mac for myself. I will soon, but I don’t yet. I’m keeping myself away from those special Apple anemities until I actually lay down some greenbacks and feel the full pain.

I’ve been trying to compare some web composers that are out there. Today I took a taste of RapidWeaver, Coda and Sandvox. Coda has the sheer geek factor to it and I will likely lay down some cash on it one day – but that day is not today. RapidWeaver is just irritating for the most part and Sandvox doesn’t deal with large photo libraries well. That’s too bad, because Sandvox looked pretty promising for the most part.

I’ve therefore continued to rely on iWeb to produce the family website as, I’d imagine, all Mac owners do for the most part. I can’t fathom anyone in their right mind using iWeb as a professional utility. Earlier this morning I was sitting on the pot thinking about iWeb and it came to me… Frontpage Express. I remember Frontpage Express. iWeb is the Frontpage Express with all kinds of nice Microsoft-style lock-ins. That’s a damn shame, but on one hand I can see why they do it. If Apple wants to pride themselves on a good experience, they must be in control and you must live by their rules.

So I’m willing to live by their rules for the time being and publish this family iWeb site to my ISP, but there’s some stupid silly things that happen with the RSS feeds. Luckily, a quick .htaccess edit at the root of the site and a symlink later solves that problem. So now I have a hodgepodge iWeb family site set up and it’s doing primarily what I want it to do. Now then, when the time comes for me to actually own a Mac… we’ll see what happens. I would imagine I hit .Mac. And hit it hard.