Running circles

Bah, I had one more thought that I meant to express in that last post and I completely forgot about it. This is what happens when I don’t take notes.

Has anyone else noticed that Microsoft’s competition keeps drawing their attention away from their core business and running them in circles? Google keeps drawing them into the search fight. Apple keeps drawing them into the portable music device fight. Companies are pulling Microsoft’s meat in many different directions and they’re taking the bait. The corporate desire to be everything computing to everyone is such a disease at Redmond that they cannot resist the chum. They bite over and over, all the while chasing their tail and losing sight of the core business.

I strongly believe that’s what has happened to Vista and Office 2007. Microsoft has lost sight of these core businesses because of the resources and desire to compete in other spaces. And… well, we know what happened with Vista this year, don’t we?

Keep it up, everyone. Eventually, Microsoft will be so dizzy they won’t have a grip on the computing business at all.

…if that’s not happened already.