An Update on Sites

I thought I’d do a quickie post and describe to you a little bit about my online life – where you can find information about me in real time, or maybe anytime later you want to check in… or if you want to completely ignore me, you know which sites to avoid.

Under the blogroll on the right-hand side of the site, you can see links to various content tendrils to latch onto. These tendrils do not have suckers, they’re merely there for you to grab at will. Okie, I’m not paid for analogies these days. Get over it.

First and foremost, you can catch me microblogging at Jaiku. If you wish to track me there, you can add me as a contact. I microblog there frequently with presence updates, but as far as pithiness goes, it’s really light.

I’m pretty involved in music and podcasting, so if you’re curious as to what makes me tick there, track me on

I frequently experiment in the social phenomena known as Wakoopa, although I’m not sure why and should probably feel regularly violated. Truth be told I could enjoy being violated right now.

Lastly, I’ve opened a new website for the family and blogging about family-related events at I’ve hesitated announcing this site to the general public because most of you Could Give a Damn, but… there it is.

So there you have it – where to find me and how. Have a good Tuesday.