Something from Microsoft that doesn’t suck

Tonight I decided to give the Windows Live Services beta proggies a shot. I had heard about these from Leo Laporte and Paul Thurrott, but to be brutally honest, I’ve pretty much given up on enjoying anything that Microsoft puts out.

Quite honestly, this little bag of tricks should have shipped with Windows Vista. I remember when I loaded Vista for the first time, I was expecting a lot out of the new Windows Mail client. I got nothing but a crock. The only update I could place was the borders on the windows.

The Windows Live Services beta is a little package of apps that integrate nicely together – all of them have the same feel and experience. The Windows Live Mail client actually works with IMAP well (and working with IMAP folders functions correctly for Sent Items, etc.!) and will generally replace the Mozilla apps on my Windows desktop for the time being.

Yeah, I said the time being. You Microsofties that read this blog… and I know there’s a few of you… it’s nice when you let good software slip out. Too bad these didn’t ship with Vista.

BTW, I’m posting this with MarsEdit on the Mac because I’m also giving that a shot.