iBrick part II

So I listened to Macbreak Weekly #59 today while walking around the block. A substantial piece of the discussion involved the impending iBrickness, which by now, has either happened to you or not happened to you.

I also caught Leo’s latest rant on the iBrickify rants by Apple. While I agree with him on some points that speak to the desires of freedom, I believe he is addressing the wrong crowd.

Look people – the problem is not with the technology or the company itself. It’s the ability of any company writing any laws they like to maintain whatever death grip they intend to maintain. By using vehicles like a EULA or a cell phone contract, companies in the US market stifle (more like squash) innovation and freedom. You could blame part of it on capitalism, but a lot of it on greed.

I do not believe that Apple wants to brick anyone’s iPhone for any reason. I do believe that AT&T wants to protect its interests like US mobile companies do. Take a trip to Asia and watch how a real free cell market operates and pay particular attention to the amount of government regulation that is required to keep those companies honest and consumer-minded. It’s mind-blowing. While you’re there, put two and two together: Asia is years ahead of the US in technology and innovation.

I’ve said it before here time and time again. The iPhone tragedies just reinforce my opinion on all of that.