Catching up on movies

One of the things I’ve been able to do while the wife and son are away (see as to why they’re not here) is catch up on some movies that I’ve been meaning to see.

My daughter warned me that Pan’s Labyrinth is one of her favorite new movies. I finally got to soak that one in tonight. By the end of it, my only thought was that Spain has managed to top China in sad movies. What a totally unexpected, touching gem of a film. I’m glad to see foreigners aren’t afraid to break boundaries in cinema.

Today I also caught The Departed, which had my muscles tense for a good two hours. That film was a totally unexpected ride as well and is probably my absolute favorite Jack Nicholson performance as of today. I recall him in The Shining and yeah, nothing will top that classic… but you can tell when Jack is having a good time and he was definitely enjoying this one. Gotta love an actor who loves his job that much.