Oh, the irony

I’m appalled at the lead story on CNN.com tonight (“What will you tell kids about Britney’s sister?“). I’m especially appalled that the world thinks that American parents are freaking out all across the nation about Jamie Lynn Spears being pregnant.

So… what will you tell your kids about it?

How about… the truth? Why is it so hard to talk about sex with your kids? It’s natural, they will do it one day. You did it – that’s why you have kids, remember? What’s the deal?

I know what I will do. I will send an email to my daughter with a link to the story. I’ll ask her if she knows about this freakin’ idiot who got knocked up.

She’s 14. She knows how sex works. Will she have enough sense to have kids when she’s ready? I certainly hope so – but it won’t be because we weren’t afraid to bring it up.

The irony kills me.