Bless the Patient Wife

I have to admit, my wife is a real enigma.

Not only is she allowing me to go on three work trips back to back (one of which was not mandatory, but she knows I really want to go), she’s allowing me to go on A) her birthday and B) when my son has three basketball games.

She is a real treasure – it’s not too often you will find a mate that is understanding enough to let you take on something like this. I’m not too fond of being away from home that long, especially during her birthday and my son’s first few basketball games. However, she knows (as do I) that I will have nightmares if I do not attend MacWorld.

So yes, I will be at MacWorld with my fellow chief engineer. There are two other trips surrounding the MacWorld trip, so we’ll actually end up in Cali for two whole weeks – one week in San Francisco, the other week in San Jose. Look alive, Creths. There’s sushi in your future.