A Three Week Journey

Today I embark on a three week journey from one side of the states to the other.  I’m taking this trip with nothing less than a blessing from the wife, who will have to endure three weeks of my son raising hell.

This is one of the more complex trips I’ve ever had to put together as it involves flying in to multiple airports and driving to other townships mid-trip.  The last portion of the trip involves staying over in San Francisco so that I might traipse off to San Jose.

Week 1: Fly in to Baltimore, drive to Greenbelt, MD.  Stay overnight.  Next morning, 4-hour meeting at Goddard Space Flight Center with the Hubble Space Telescope group.  Nah, nothing that interesting – just that we’re migrating them into the mail system.  Still, it’s cool to meet these people.  After that, drive to Reston, VA.  Hole up in Reston, VA for three days for a Sharepoint design visit with Microsoft.  Friday, head to NASA HQ for a meeting there, then sleep over in Reston, VA.  Saturday, drive back to Baltimore and fly home.

Week 2: Week 2 begins on next Sunday.  Fly in to San Francisco, head up to the Westin St. Francis across from Union Square.  Shack up and prepare (excitedly!) to attend Macworld the next day.  Spend the week in glorious Apple worship.  Stay over the weekend.  The next Monday, drive to Cupertino and shack up in an eclectic Mediterranean style hotel for…

Week 3: Meetings at Ames Research Center, Google and Apple.  Saturday, fly home out of San Francisco.

It’s going to be an exciting trip.  I have that thank my wife for letting me head out to Macworld on the week of her birthday, so I feel I must make sure she gets something extra-special nice.  Being a woman who doesn’t like surprises makes this tough, however.

In other news, we’ve found a local organization that teaches Chinese and it almost fits our budget.  I also still need to join that gym.  That’s coming in another month or two I think.  I really, really need to get myself back in shape – not just because I’m so rotund, but because I’ve become narcoleptic and I fear that my blood pressure is running rampantly insane (from high to low in a moment’s notice).  Time to get that crap straightened out, really.  Really.

Oh, and I want to take some martial arts classes.

In other news, Red Abstract is shaping up nicely.  Some of the content providers are meeting while I’m away to work on some bits and the web designer is working hard to provide some good stuff.  I’m getting excited on that front too!

That’s about it for now.  Take care of yourselves and think about me while I’m there at the Macworld keynote in awe of Mr. Jobs.  (Did I mention we got Macworld super-passes so we’re guaranteed a seat there?)