No Country for Old Men

So on my last night here in Virginia/D.C., I decided to have some solitude and enjoy the Coen Brothers’ latest flick, No Country for Old Men. I had very, very high expectations for this film. By and large they were fulfilled, except for the ending. I’m not sure I could go with the ending – it was disappointing. I suppose I need to study it a little to get it back. The rest of the movie was really gripping. The slow foreboding that pulses through the entire movie is just absolutely nerve-racking.

Just… that ending. Maybe I should read the book.

Like I have that kind of time.

In the morning, I have to drive in to Baltimore. It’s about an hour drive with no traffic according to Google, so I’ll be starting out at around 8am. My plane leaves at 1:50pm. Why so early, you might ask? Well, because the car rental place says that just in case of TSA lockdown, you need to turn your car in two hours before you should be at the airport, which makes it about 4 hours ahead of time in my book. Gah. Okie, so I may not make 8am, but we’ll see.

At least I’ll pack tonight.