Macworld Day 2 Wrapup

So Macworld Day 2 was quite fun in oh so many ways.

We started the day at 5am, making it into the Keynote line by 6am. That much you know. I’m putting the final polish on a video that documents our wait from a bit after we arrived to the time that we walked up to the exciting moment. I’ll be posting that today, bandwidth and battery life permitting.

We went to various conferences through the day and also fought work issues at the same time. At around 3:30 or so, we ended up walking the exhibition floor. Lots of interesting products are out there – but chief among them is of course the Macbook Air.

What a marvel this thing is. While I’m not so sure on the design appeal of the black chiclet keys (I just disagree with the color, that’s all), the Macbook Air looks extremely fragile. Appearances are deceiving, however, as it feels quite robust when you pick it up. It’s a very charming device and the multi-touch gestures they’ve ported over from the iPhone/iPod Touch are just amazing. I’m wishing they would backport those gestures to the Macbook Pro – seems like it would be an easy thing to do, but what do I know?

I did get some pictures of the floor, so I’ll be posting those in an edit to this article later.

We ended up fighting a work issue until around 9pm, then making our way down to the party by 9:30 or so. We got there just in time to see Devo crank off three final songs. Damn, those guys are WEIRD, but they can rock even in an old age. Their age is definitely showing, but it was still quite fun.

We came back and finished working for a bit more, then hit the bed… to awaken for day 3…