Macworld Day 3

I wanted to sleep in a little bit as last night was a long one. We had plenty of work issues and the party on top of that; I was quite exhausted by the time my noggin touched the pillow. I think I was out before I even fully rested on said pillow.

Sleeping in apparently wasn’t on the agenda for family and folks back home. Around 6am Pacific my Blackberry started ringing off the hook. I realize people likely do not feel very sorry for me since it was a party after all, but dammit I had to work too. I am trying to avoid thinking about work. Sheesh. I am here at Macworld learning stuff!

The phone kept ringing, about once every half hour, until about 8:00am I finally gave up and got out of bed. Aleve was popped in the mouth, but my headache still has yet to go away.

We arrived at the conference at about 11am, just in time to find our first class. Unfortunately, the iCal events presented by Macworld failed to have the room numbers for many of the locations so we were unable to find the first class. We ended up walking back and forth between Moscone south and west.

Finally we arrived at the class. We were quickly convinced to purchase Aperture, made a future note to do that. Then we split up so I could attend the Xsan class and he could attend something else.

Oh yes… in passing from Moscone West to South, we ran into two devs from the Eve Online group. I got a card. Woo!

Up for tonight – dinner with a vendor and hopefully a little more relaxation!