Apple Mail 10.5.2 Update Messin Witcha

I updated to 10.5.2 pretty excitedly and for once, I finally experienced a problem with the update.

Namely, two problems.

– Apple Mail won’t quit. I’ve had to do a force quit every time since 10.5.2. Horsing around in the discussion groups at Apple shows that a few users have the same issue, but it seems to revolve around To-Do’s and/or Notes. I tried to add a new To-Do in Mail and sure enough, Mr. Beach Ball comes a knockin’. I took the user’s advice and wiped ~/Library/Mail and it seems to have resolved my issue. I’ll let you know after it finishes downloading my tons of megabytes of IMAP mail. Oh yeah, be careful about that – you get to redownload all your mail if you’re on IMAP. I’m not sure what happens with POP3 since I don’t ever, ever use POP3, but I’d imagine you lose the messages. Beware.

– Multiple displays are ganked up. When I come in to the office, I park my little Macbook Pro in a nice, cozy spot on my desk where the cables are waiting to attach to him. The cables are attached – and this includes a 23″ monitor. What I usually do is attach the cables, open the lid, then start it up. Once the login screen comes up, I close the lid and let the MBP sleep. Then I wake ‘er up and use only the 23″ monitor for the day.

Not anymore. Now if I do that, she wakes up and almost immediately plays the narcolepsy card and falls back to sleep. I can’t get it to stay running with just the large monitor.

A local Mac tech here suggested a permission repair… no dice. Hmm, I’ll have to deal with this more later.

Oh well… now I’m hearing my son has pink eye (lovely). Guess I need to pack up and head home in a bit.