iTWire – From Windows to Linux – and back again

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iTWire – From Windows to Linux – and back again

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… the battle for the corporate desktop is fought at home. Microsoft has known this for a long time – Apple knows it too. That’s why Apple is sneaking up on Microsoft and they’re just not paying attention. They’re too busy mucking around in other businesses that they don’t belong in instead of focusing on the real business (operating systems, servers and Office).

The be-everything-to-everyone will kill you, Microsoft.

While we’re there, let’s raise a glass to them over the Yahoo purchase. When did Yahoo start making a competing operating system? Oh, that’s right, they don’t. This plays into Microsoft’s search and advertising obsession. Or, as one might call it, the slay Google obsession. Yeah, silly me. The more they diversify, the weaker the products get. When it affects your core business (like it has with Vista), you’re really sliding down the slippery slope.

Oh yeah… and hello, how are ya? Thought you might like a helping of opinion to start your Wednesday.