When You’re Trying to Learn

It’s pretty amazing how far behind I’ve gotten in web creation technology.  I’ve been spending some time with Adobe CS3 and I’m finding out just how much of this thing has passed me by.  I’d say… quite a bit has passed me by.  I guess I’ve had my head down working on server stuff for so long now that I’ve not had a chance to really step back and work on web pages like I used to.

Of course, I do have much less time than I used to have.  Having two kids and a wife with a job and responsibilities tends to make you focus (or defocus, as the case may be) a little bit more. I’ve got to get refocused back on these items though, because this is what I’d rather be doing.

Can anyone out there in lalaland recommend some good approaches to learning CS3?  I’m not just talking about the apps themselves, but the workflows from site inception to finish, etc.

I’m especially interested in picking up Flash, too.