The Oscars

So I finally get to sit and watch what amounts to the last half of the Oscars. It seems like I didn’t miss much. I was trying to watch it live on the net, but my son was forcing me to play Super Mario Party 8 on the Wii while he ate dinner (a regular ritual around here).

Now I’ve picked it up and started watching. I really thought Ellen Page was going to win for Juno, even though I have yet to see it.

I’ll just keep updating this post as the show moves on, so keep hitting refresh. I dunno why my feed won’t update when I update the post, but I sure don’t feel like hacking around to figure it out right now.

Update: okie, well, there wasn’t much in the way of updating to do because my spawn of Hell 3-year-old won’t give me enough time to focus on anything but the missing tires on his Lego ambulance.

It seems that No Country for Old Men winning for Best Director and Best Picture is a bit of an upset. I saw this film and while it’s a fantastic (and unusual) film, I’m not sure I agree that it was Best Picture material. I suppose I need to see it again. I will own it, I know this much – it’s a Coen Brothers film after all. But the first impression of this film left me quite uncomfortable. Of course, one could argue that it means the film was effective. You’d probably be right.

But I think that most people expected There Will Be Blood to win. I suppose I’m a little surprised myself. Frances McDormand looked all worlds of happy in the audience, so I’m sure one of the Coens will be getting laid tonight for sure. Good on ’em.