Leap Day Befuddles Postfix

I meant to post about this over the weekend, but… well, I forgot. I didn’t see much chatter about this over the leap day, but here it is.

On a system that uses Postfix 2.2.9 on SLES 10, Postfix started acting quite wonky on February 29th, 2008. In a standard Postfix+Amavis+ClamAv setup, you actually have two Postfix daemons – one listening on port 25 (duh), the other listening on port 10025 waiting to get mail handed off from amavis+clamav.

Well, it appears that the second daemon gets quite confused about the date on Leap Day and logs everything with March 1st plus four hours. While this seems benign enough, if you use some statistics generator like pflogsumm.pl to generate some numbers for management, your hourly totals quit working.

We had not one byte of statistic data for February 29th as a result. That’s a shame, but it was one of many odd tech-related things that happened that day that I won’t soon forget.

Our power even went out that day.