Full text of MSFT e-Mail: Microsoft execs on Vista problems

Full text of MSFT e-Mail: Microsoft execs on Vista problems: “Full text: Microsoft execs on Vista problems

A federal judge today unsealed internal Microsoft e-mails that have been used to support the plaintiffs’ case in the lawsuit over the ‘Windows Vista Capable’ program. Snippets were previously read aloud in court, but the full messages go further to reveal extensive hand-wringing, at the highest levels of the […]”

(Via Dvorak Uncensored.)

It just occurred to me, while reading Mr. Dvorak’s post, that there’s a possibility that Intel specifically torpedoed Microsoft and Vista over the past few years to turn the tide in favor of Apple.

I’m not one to actually apply paranoid-style conspiracy theories, but this just came to mind. You could quite easily take these emails, examine Intel’s past actions, combine them with Vista and Apple timelines and it certainly seems quite suspicious.

While discussing this with a co-worker, he had a brilliant observation. “Microsoft and Intel are like the two parents who should have divorced long ago, but stayed together for the kids.”