Entourage GAL browsing script

Do your users try to get through the day with Entourage 2004 or Entourage 2008? (Believe me when I say “get through the day.”) Do you have your domain controllers locked away behind a VPN? Are your users depressed that they cannot access GAL information from outside your iron curtain?

E’rage users should feel less enraged with this interesting Applescript. This little guy makes a shortcut key available that will use Outlook Web Access to query your GAL and return information. It was pointed out to us by a Microsoft engineer. They did not verify that it worked with Exchange 2007, but I can tell you that it does function with Entourage 2008 with Exchange 2007.

The only downside to the script that I can find thus far is PKI. If you use your Active Directory to publish PKI certificates for users, this script will not see/use them. If you need PKI functionality with directory lookup, you still need to be able to talk to that global catalog/domain controller.

Still, it’s nice to have a backup when the global catalog is taking its sweet American time to process your lookup…