We Got The Funk

It seems like every friend of mine that works in IT has entered a bit of a professional funk of late; mayhaps myself is included in that observation.

There’s a whole lot of burnout going on out there and not much being done to combat it. Not withstanding the fact that IT is one of the hardest jobs on the planet (that is, if you have a family and/or a social life), for some people it can be pretty damn thankless at that.

I’ve been fortunate in that this job I’ve held down the last three years has been rewarding and fulfilling, but it can still burn you out. When you sit around and consider that maybe a visit to a chiropractor is needed just to get the stress off your back, either you’re working too hard or it’s time to poke the apple pie.

I’ve heard from numerous friends who work in this field that are ready to just A) get to another job or B) get out of IT altogether. Of course, I’ve been working on this new media thing so I’d hope to get out of IT support eventually. Production is what I think I love to do – I think.

Yeah, I said I think.

All too often I start up in something, seem to enjoy it, then it burns me out. I suppose I’m like a bat, moving on to the next bright light. I just keep hitting walls and shit like that too.

Too all of you getting killed in IT land – I hear you out there, screaming in the night across the web. Hang in there, it never lasts forever.

Unless it’s evil.