Cracking ribs

Last Friday I rushed home after work much like I had the week before. I was hell-bent on getting the grass cut before a storm arrived and rained on the parade. This time, however, the storm wasn’t as close.

I managed to take my time to get the grass cut without provoking the rain, but I certainly provoked something else. I began collecting mucus in my throat and chest – and so it began… a weekend long escapade with non-stop coughing.

By yesterday, I had coughed so much and so hard that my ribs felt like bursting with each violent outburst. It *hurts*, it really does. I fell asleep several times over the weekend and woke up feeling better, only to feel worse again a few hours later.

It was a miserable weekend and I don’t want to think that perhaps it was caused by cutting the grass, but I’m afraid I cannot deny that possibility. Allergies… to pollen and/or grass? For a Southeast boy? You must be kidding.

In other news, I’m battling a RIS server at work. Who knew Broadcom and PXE boot don’t get along well? Argh.

I’ve been taking much more time away from work lately… especially beyond the 40 hour mark. I’m thinking I might be able to get more done with RA with that plan 😉

And finally, in some very unhappy news, I’m afraid we’ll have to be putting our good dog Trixie down this week. She has grown very thin and her quality of life is just not good these days. I guess it’s time to let her go… despite how I feel about it.

That part is a much, much longer story.

Now I am falling asleep at the keyboard, so I suppose it’s time to cut this stream off and go to bed.