Podcasts and being MIA

I’ve been pretty busy the past month, you could say. I’ve actually been pulling back on the overtime at the day job to concentrate a little bit on getting some of these podcasts out the door. The end result is the first three episodes of NO CARRIER which, despite being quite dry, aren’t half bad for newbs. I’m using NO CARRIER to learn as much as I can about the actual production of the shows on this Mac Pro and for that it has been invaluable. I’m also curious as to how I can get a larger draw. While I’m not confident that NO CARRIER’s content is like A-list material so far, it’s decent enough to listen to. So I’m gauging the interest and seeing how well it does as far as the business side of things go.

In other news, we’re still trying to get Red Abstract up and going. One of my cohorts is doing some video work from this weekend, so that’s good news. I’m looking forward to his demos to see what we can smack together.

I need to be writing though.

I have a fan-damn-tastic idea for a web series and I need to be writing it. Damn inspiration. It keeps getting in my hands and then running away like a little drunken pixie.

I’m also toying around with a new theme for the site – something a little more cleaner and less graphic heavy. I want to be doing more in the way of web work anyway.

Just wish I could feed my family with it!