A Mac Rescues Vista

Today, our Blackberry reps came to visit for the quarterly meeting with our project. It’s always fun when these folks visit; they’re quite personable and wow, do they like to eat.

This time they brought along a fellow by the name of Jim from Boxtone. Boxtone is a monitoring system for RIM’s flagship product and it seems pretty interesting.

What was more interesting was the fact that his Vista laptop absolutely, positively would not get on the guest wireless. It would connect with a proper signal strength of 5 bars, but it would not get an address from the local DHCP server.

We spent about 30 minutes trying to unravel this mystery until it was finally decided to put the presentation on a thumbdrive and hook it up to the Mac. We ran the projector over to the Mac, got on the webex, engaged mirror view on the projector and the Macbook Pro and within seconds we were sharing his presentation out on the Webex with minimal effort.

And people like Paul Thurrott wonder why Vista isn’t doing well…? 🙂