First day at the gym

My first REAL day at the gym was a doozy. I did 30 minutes of treadmill, alternating speeds when I could take it and warming down too. I got the heart rate up to 145, which is right where Southern-belle Megan wanted me to be.

It felt pretty good. Really, it did. Then I got off the machine and felt quite dizzy for a moment. I had really pushed it.

I moved to the strength training half of the program and found myself unable to do as many reps as I had done yesterday on some of the machines. It just hurt too much. I did a few and called it a day, vowing not to push myself too much.

Finally, the payoff. After all that and some stretching, I sat down and took my blood pressure. It was 165/104, an immediate improvement over yesterday’s 180/110.

Interesting… and quite encouraging.