Mysterious blood pressure

Today was “officially” day two of the gym and the workout was even tougher this time around. I had a full 4 days away from the gym. 3 of them were from the family reunion, 1 of them was because a work issue ended up taking over the whole time slot.

I got to it today and man was it painful.

The blood pressure was down to 154/106. This blood pressure thing is mysterious to me. My Omron blood pressure monitor for the house arrived today and I took some readings at home. They were MUCH lower – in the 110-115/80-90 range. I bet the doctor would much prefer to see that. Still, it seems to be borderline, but apparently I’m not on the edge of the abyss as the medical folks had made me out to be.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Lauren, a personal trainer, from 4 til 5. I spotted Lauren in the gym today.

Let’s just say I’m going to be embarrassed as hell.