A software change

I had to get rid of Macjournal on my work Mac due to the severe .Mac syncing issues. If you thought syncing with .Mac on a regular basis caused tears on occasion, you haven’t seen anything yet. Try getting Macjournal to sync between two computers and you will learn what it’s like to mistrust a computer’s decision-making abilities.

Eilla has always encouraged the use of Evernote, so I went thattaway for basic note keeping. Evernote even imported my work-related Macjournal entries.

Still, I paid for Macjournal, so I will use it for personal journaling I suppose. But I uninstalled it from the Macbook Pro, since I bought it personally some time ago anyway.

In other news, I’ve decided I’m going to start dictating blog entries with Macspeech Dictate. I’ve always promised myself that I’d write more if dictation would work well on computers today, so it’s time to try that.

I’m trying to do more productive things. Really.