Dope-smoking hippy parents put everyone at risk for disease

It seems some parents out there are coming out against immunization for their children.  MSNBC has the story.

This is just fracking brilliant.  Now you’re going to let your child be put as risk for these killer diseases and expose the live bacteria to my children just because you’re some stupid-ass hippy parent who wants to be all New Age and shit?  Get a brain.  Why do you think we almost eradicated these diseases?  When was the last time you knew any children that died from these diseases?  Can’t put up with a little prick to the arm?  Grow up and get responsible, dumbasses.

I cannot fathom for an instant why parents would put their children at risk like this.  I hope when the children grow up they thank you for your negligence.  I’ll leave it up to you to determine how.