How long did you say!?

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So, I don’t mean to continue to rail on Vista like I did about a year ago, but something absolutely ridiculous happened to me today.

I’ve been doing some hard drive recovery for my dad’s old NEC Windows 98 system. (I had to do some recovery on another system as well, but that one didn’t go so well).

So I finally get the hard drive extracted via the handy dandy Newer Technology Universal USB 2.0 Hard Drive Adapter… which took about 5 hours to copy a little under 4 gigabytes. This is after I had to research why “Program Files” and “Windows” would not copy… only to discover that User Account Control prevents *any* copying or manipulation of *any* Program Files or Windows directory on *any* media. Instead of doing the copy, it would just stop without warning or dialog. Okie, whatever.

Anyway, so I get the 4 gigabytes extracted and onto the desktop. Now to burn it. I slip a dual-layer DVD into the drive and drag the folder to the drive location. It proceeds to do what seems to be another copy process. Only this time it says it’s going to take another damn 5 hours. For WHAT? To move the same goddamn files from my Desktop to a temp folder so you can burn it? Give me a fucking break.

So, I go away and finish watching Iron Man. When I come back, that 5 hour counter has now moved up to 1 and a half DAYS. Are you KIDDING me? Just to move files from my Desktop to a temporary location to burn to a disk (which is a stupid endeavor anyway)?

Screw that. I reboot into OS X, copy the files off my Vista64 partition and burn it to a DVD disk in minutes.

Really, Microsoft. What should have taken a mere few hours has literally taken me all day.

Fail. In a big way. Not just did it fail with the UAC issues on two directories I’m trying to rescue, it fails trying to even rescue data onto a DVD disk.

I’m so irritated with it, I’m surprised if that partition will even remain on my system.