Migrating RSS feeds to Safari 4.x

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When NetNewsWire went with Google Reader syncing, the hair stood up on the back of my neck.  I swore off Google Reader quite some time ago.  Indeed, I was using NNW to avoid Google Reader.  Now I’m being forced back?

It was time to look into splitting up with NNW.

I haven’t used RSS support in OS X since Safari 3, so I decided to give it a new try in Safari 4.  Part of my original problem with RSS support in Safari was no conceivable way to sync the read status across Macs.  Well, turns out they put that support into bookmark sync over MobileMe, they just didn’t notify me.  Thanks, Apple.

Anyway, I was researching how to do this on the net and it looked painful.  Everyone’s steps included loading up Firefox, attaching the Sage plugin to it and importing/exporting yadda yadda… blah, it should NOT be that hard.

So I opened NetNewsWire and just casually dragged a feed title into the bookmark bar in Safari.  I was shocked to discover that Safari took the bookmark just fine.  Once I opened it, it processed the bookmark as a feed and started syncing it.

That was easy.

You still have to open the bookmark one time before it starts syncing it automatically, but just do the “open in tabs” thing and you’ll be fine.  Screw all that Firefox/Sage import/export garbage.  It’s just a drag and drop.  Enjoy.