My Ex Boss, the Linux Hero

Tony Maro, the CIO of Evrichart (and also my boss from my old job prior to NASA) was interviewed by ZDNet!

Tony is an awesome, knowledgeable and forward-thinking guy.  He’s way ahead of his time in terms of CIO leadership and the IT industry.  He makes this look easy and roots his decisions in common sense, not marketing crap.  It’s served him and Evrichart well.

Incidentally, we also interviewed Tony on NO CARRIER some time ago.  I forget which episode it was, but it was one of the first shows.  It’s really meaty on details if you’d like to take a list.

Oh, and I did the initial MySQL database design for that software 🙂

Congratulations, Tony!  I hope you’re riding high on the success.  You deserve it.  Here’s also to hoping I can take my little endeavor just as far!