Publish From Github to S3

If you’ve visited this site recently, you’ll discover that I’m really sick of Wordpress. I’m trying to get Wordpress out of my life completely. I’m sick of the security issues, the overhead, the ridiculousness, the databases… all of it. I’m just sick of it. I wanted to go back to something more static and more simple. Wordpress is all well and good and easy to use, but it also suffers from some really nasty performance and security issues.

I know there are ways around the performance issues, but I shouldn’t have to deal with that. If I wanted to deal with that for a simple website, then maybe I would stand up something a little more Wordpress-esque for multiple authors. But this is my own personal site and there’s just no reason to do it that way.

The new version of this site is being generated with Hugo. Hugo is a really nice, fast static generator. I imported all of the prior Wordpress posts into it, applied a theme and then created this new site before you. It’s all static.

I also wanted to make it easy on myself to deploy this site to Amazon S3. That’s where Github excels. Now this site uses a combo of Hugo –> static site –> Github –> push to SNS –> Lambda deploys to S3.

The hardest part was getting the Github-to-S3 integration working. Thanks to a fellow named Matt Boggie, there’s a Lambda function that does just that. Better yet, it works. You can find it here on Github. I’ve enjoyed using it and I think you will also.

Anyway, I’ll be updating the old posts as time marches on. I have them imported but they look ugly as sin. As time marches on and I get bored with my life I will update them to remove the old code that doesn’t belong there anymore. I also integrated Disqus to this site for comments. I hope you use them.

Miss you guys. Hope all is well. Talk to me!