Dual Laptops Is for the Birds

I’m at the NAB show in Las Vegas, NV this week. I’m here to represent my project for my main customer, which is a federal agency that does space stuff. You can guess.

This is the first trip where I’ve had to accept and travel under the new DFARS requirements. I’m here to tell you, this shit is for the birds. I’m carrying two laptops. Two chargers. Two sets of cables. All because the feds thinks this somehow makes it all more secure.

The backpack is heavy. There’s maximum effort to “be secure” and minimal gain. As a matter of fact, I would warrant that this renders my setup even less secure. Now I have to keep up with two laptops - and what happens if I leave one somewhere? What happens if I leave my ID card somewhere? What happens if somehow, someone was able to take the federal laptop and my PIV card and get into the VPN?

They’d have full access to the enterprise, that’s what.

You people that think this is more secure - you’re really nuts. You’re not thinking clearly at all. On top of it, you’re making IT workers' already-difficult lives even more difficult.