Reinvent 2019 Day 3

Day 4 of re:Invent 2019 and my suspicions were correct: This show was being run much better than before. The busses were punctual. Hell, they actually had too many busses. There was no waiting. The conference staff was jubilant. The mood wasn’t stressed at all. Everyone was having a great time.

I only took notes for one session on this day. It was a session about serverless networking, which focused primarily on what happens when you run Lambda “inside” your VPC. Spoiler alert: it’s not running inside your VPC at all. This actually solved a mystery we were having and it was worth the visit for that knowledge alone.

On the evening of this day, I had the honor of attending the Aerosmith concert at the Park MGM. It was wonderfully awesome. Steven Tyler is 71 years old and still going strong like he’s 20. I hope I’m still ticking like that at 71.

Read on for the session notes.

Serverless Networking: SVS404

Lambda does not really run in a VPC, it’s just attached to a VPC. Lambda attachments to a VPC requires an ENI. ENU is created when you add VPC options to the function.

Recent performance improvements for Lambda attaching to a VPC. Performance enhancements are already running in Commercial. GovCloud still has the old limitations, no idea when it will be coming to GovCloud (as usual).

To connect a Lambda function a VPC, you need an internet gateway or a VPC endpoint.

Only use Lambda to transform data. If you just need to dump DynamoDB data (CRUD), just use VTL.