Reinvent 2019 Day 5

Day 5 of re:Invent 2019 came and my body had already went. My attention span had expired. My energy had expired. Even though I slept a good 7 hours, I still had to take on a nap in the afternoon.

I only attended one session on the last day before the whole show shut down. But the last session didn’t really garner any interesting notes. Sorry.

Read on for my list of sessions that I want to explore on YouTube as additional learning. I’ll provide the session codes only. It’ll be up to use to find them on the AWS YouTube channel.

Interesting Session List for re:Invent 2019

  • SVS404
  • ENT402
  • API308
  • SVS332
  • DOP301
  • SVS322
  • API313
  • API315
  • GPSTEC344
  • DOP311
  • DOP343
  • SVS404
  • SVS401
  • DOP308
  • DOP408