Terraform AWS S3 Website Module Released

I really love Terraform. It’s been driving my career advancements for the past 2-3 years. I’ve really enjoyed working with it. As such, I do try to create useful Terraform modules to give back to the community. Most of the module work I have done has been for my employer, but sometimes I make code that is more for myself. This is one such module.

I created a module that pounds out a full AWS implementation of an S3 website with CloudFront, CodeCommit and CodePipeline. I’m using it for this very site as a matter of fact. I use it to create this site in Hugo 0.62.2 and synchronize against the CodePipeline build and the S3 bucket. Works pretty well, except that I wish I had an easy app to update content. 🤔

The repo can be found here. Check it out and use if it you’d like - and please do contribute feedback and bug reports if you find them.