Back from the desert

I’ve gotten through the long, arduous trip from LAX to my home town. This day has been pretty much a flash before my eyes – not entirely sure I remember much of it, but here’s what I do remember about the trip: I got to climb around inside a B52 bomber. What a sardine can! I got to see SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy) – which is basically a 747 with the aft end cut out so it can open up at 45,000 feet and view the heavens with an infared telescope.

How Blogs Translate

You may not realize it, but there’s this blog post out there that is emphatically talking about something I expressed at dinner a few weeks ago. The author of this blog was present at the dinner, so this blogger is talking about a discussion subject that I indeed brought up. Point taken. I can understand how easy it is to get things mixed up in translation, but it really brings to light an interesting concept about communication via blogs.

Why I don’t bother to Twitter

There’s all this hullaballoo about Twitter and the twittering and yadda yadda. It’s another company that has taken an amazingly simple idea that apparently quenches an odd thirst to be social. Why do you think I call it odd? More on that later. I do not find myself attracted to using Twitter. Occasionally I’ll find myself posting something in the little note areas of any messaging program I use to accomplish the same functionality and… hey, what do you know, my friends can see that message.

Catching up with old friends

There’s an old friend of mine from high school that maintains a pretty high traffic site (linkage not really needed, but I’ll give it to him anyway: He’s turned it into a site that watches/comments on pop culture. This friend was in theatre with us… and quite good… it’s rather eerie to hear his voice and know his personality hasn’t changed much. Good stuff.

Ubuntu dishes destruction again

So, just as soon as I spread my wings on Ubuntu one more time, it smacks me down like the bitch I am. For some odd reason, directories just began to disappear from the disks. Disappear! Can you believe that? I first noticed it when network mounts weren’t coming back and there were long, odd pauses on the desktop when it loaded. Back to Windows again. Sigh. I had a problem in Windows over the past two months – it was a problem so annoying that it drove me to try Ubuntu again.

Work, work. Hallo. Okay.

So, Aquatixpointed out (correctly) that the coffee-n-cream theme didn’t have a login button. File that one under WTF. Part of the reason I keep changing these themes is because I keep finding little items missing. While I like Sapphire significantly, it takes out the blogroll. That sucks because I really want you to visit my friends and I find it pretty important to link to them. File that under Suck.

Obligatory New Year’s post

Well, tonight is another night for that New Year’s thing. First off, let me say… Happy 2007! Today we ate/socialized with Whiteyand Vo0at Cheeburger Cheeburger in Providence. Funtastic time! Thanks for the Christmas gift, guys! I can hardly wait to play it! I’m glad you guys are back in town and enjoying it so far. This town has become so much more interesting lately – and it’s only getting better. Besides, you’re just keeping with the trend of everyone moving away… then coming back… heh.

Merry Christmas!

The night is silent once again… time for all of the Santas out there to stir up the dust from the closet. Merry Christmas from our family to yours 🙂

Taking care

Wow. 6:38am. I’m lucky I got up – I didn’t go to bed until about 1:20am this morning. 5 hours of sleep and the day looks to be long on scheduling. There are 9 meetings today, most of them back to back… and they walk all over my lunch hour. It’s going to be rough, keep me in your thoughts. The subject of taking better care of yourself has come up again recently.