Hindsight that is never forgotten

I love the ‘net. Only on the net can you say things and expect them to haunt you months, or even years later. Hell, I may be eating crow in a matter of minutes for calling Mary Jo Foley an idiot for claiming Apple licensed Exchange ActiveSync – and I’ll be proud to do it. Somehow though, I get the feeling that Steve Ballmer will not be so proud of this 2:20 clip when Friday rolls around.

A note about Evolution and Exchange 2007

I spoke with a developer here at WWDC who is deploying Exchange 2007. He said that the Linux/UNIX folks on Evolution are finding it impossible to use due to some kind of webdav issues introduced with Exchange 2007. I’ve not yet had a chance to test/play with this to look into it deeper. I will get a chance to do so next month. However, as I said before, Exchange 2007 introduced web services for working with your mail and that’s where Evolution needs to go.

Paul Thurrott thinks Linux doesn’t innovate

Paul Thurrott has said numerous times in his blog and on the Windows Weekly podcast that he feels that Linux does not innovate. This is a pretty broad statement and I find myself in violent disagreement. Whenever I install a Linux distribution to play with… which is usually how it always ends up, since I run into issues… I find myself installing and using software that I wish would be running on Windows or the Mac.

Vista’s 40 million strong

Paul Thurrott’s Internet Nexus – A technology blog On this post, Paul Thurrott points out the install base of Windows Vista is 40 million strong… so sayeth Bill Gates. Despite all of the negative press, Vista has a strong presence in the industry and is already installed on more machines than non-Microsoft products. I echo Paul… “I get it.” However, what no one is able to measure unfortunately, is how many people are uninstalling Vista to roll back to XP or another operating system.

A quiet afternoon with Leo Laporte

So while BunBun took his nap and the wife took to exercising, I tuned in to TWiT.TV Live and watched Leo Laporte’s last hour or so of the KFI radio show that is done on weekends. Leo has hooked up a webcam and broadcasts a stream via Stickam to all interested parties. During the breaks or while on the air, he interacts with the chatroom #techguy on It was pretty interesting.

Migrating to an alternative

That’s a loss for Microsoft – OSS Ramblings Congratulations to Tony, who has succeeded in migrating his company off of Microsoft Exchange an onto an open source replacement. Check out his blog to see how it was pulled off. Granted, they probably aren’t using shared calendaring much – but still, an interesting project for any small business out there.

Evolution 2.10.1 (Feisty Fawn) looks do-able

So finally, it looks like the Evolution team is sitting up and paying attention about their buggy code. Evolution 2.10.1 on Feisty Fawn actually works without issue so far. It’s laggy, but it works even against our monster of a mail system. I’m impressed.

GNOME Mobile & Embedded Initiative… huh?

GNOME Mobile & Embedded Initiative So this was GNOME’s big announcement today. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this. I suppose that if GNOME is getting the industry behind their desktop initiative enough to get some wider open source adoption, that’s a good thing. However, I have mixed feelings whenever I read about the GNOME folks getting their fingers in other pies when they still release some seriously buggy shit.