Complete ramblings

I still can’t shake this dastardly cough. It was gone for a while today – well, most of the day… but now, it’s back. I’ve gone in the cough drop direction to see if I can shake it long enough to get some sleep tonight, but we’ll see how it goes. I’ve had a lot on my mind with regards to websites lately. Taitai pointed out that we own quite a few domain names.

Deformed ear

I think my left ear is deformed. I cannot keep an ear bud in it. It keeps slipping out. Help.

Broken feed

Grr… no one told me the feed from the Asia Albums site was broken. How dare you… all of you 🙂 P.S. Now that I’ve developed a miniature script that fixes iWeb permissions after publishing to this server, you can bet I’ll do more work with iWeb and that site in the future. That was the one big thing that was holding me from playing with it more.

And oh yeah…

Please go check out that song I posted about earlier. Especially you, Jennifer. I think you would like it. It seems just the right amount of saucy for you 😉

Back in hell

It seems that when everyone else gets back to the office, suddenly, the crap starts to fly again.

Hilarity abounds

Thanks to g1powermac I have discovered www.bash.org. They have the finest collection of IRC quotes ever. NSFW mostly, but please do check it out when not being monitored. I am crying with laughter.