Cut the Cord

I have a number of technical options available for my setup. I’d like some advice on the best approach to achieve OTA HDR 4k TV… primarily for local channels. I just canceled my DirecTV because I couldn’t justify $100 a month. I didn’t use it enough. But I need your advice.

Terraform AWS S3 Website Module Released

I really love Terraform. It’s been driving my career advancements for the past 2-3 years. I’ve really enjoyed working with it. As such, I do try to create useful Terraform modules to give back to the community. Most of the module work I have done has been for my employer, but sometimes I make code that is more for myself. This is one such module.

Amazon Affiliate Links

Why I learned to start loving the Amazon and hating the Google

As you can see, I’ve started to offer some Amazon ads in the site. Previously, I was trying to use adsense to generate some extra income. The latest policies on adsense just don’t work out for this site for some reason, and Google just outright refuses to show ads. I got sick of dealing with it and frankly, I’m site of Google in general. That’s ok. I genuinely like Amazon. I work with their AWS platform every day and shopping on their site is usually a joy.

Cross Site Tracking in Safari

I updated the pipeline that builds this site into Hugo 0.62.2 and all hell broke loose. Basically, the Hugo theme that I was using was ancient. I chose a new theme, but then discovered that it won’t work in Safari if you have cross-site tracking disabled.

Contractor Admits Guilt for Logic Bomb

On the surface, this seems funny. But it’s really not. I know that many people lost many days and minutes of their lives and professional reputations over this man’s selfishness. I pain to think of how many marriages and families were damaged. His sentence does not fit the crime at all.

Bad Health Checks With Dynamic Container Ports

Last night, we solved a long-standing bug in one of our Terraform modules. It’s been haunting us for a long time - damn near over a year. We managed to produce this bug in a CloudFormation stack as well, but we just couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

For reference, we were trying to stand up an Elastic Container Service cluster with containers using dynamic port routing. When you do this, you build it with an Application Load Balancer (ALB) plus a target group. The way things are supposed to work is that when a container is spun up on the cluster, it chooses an ephemeral port and that port is registered to the target group’s health checks.

That was essentially working, but something was adding an additional and erroneous health check to the exposed port (https/443) which would cause the auto-scaling group to think things were amiss… and continously terminate/rebuild instances. Not a fun situation. Our workaround was to manually remove the health check. But each time the ASG terminated and added an instance, the bad health check would come back. We finally figured this mess out.

Reinvent 2019 Day 5

Day 5 of re:Invent 2019 came and my body had already went. My attention span had expired. My energy had expired. Even though I slept a good 7 hours, I still had to take on a nap in the afternoon.

I only attended one session on the last day before the whole show shut down. But the last session didn’t really garner any interesting notes. Sorry.

Read on for my list of sessions that I want to explore on YouTube as additional learning. I’ll provide the session codes only. It’ll be up to use to find them on the AWS YouTube channel.

Reinvent 2019 Day 4

By day 4, my attention span and body were starting to give out. I really needed to hang in there, though, because this was the night of re:Play, the big party. I always enjoy going to this party to see Jen Lasher play. She is super energetic, talented with mixing beats, and really fun to watch. Her enthusiasm is infectious.

She did not disappoint at all.

I knocked out one session of notes - the other sessions I attended did not garner anything interesting to write down. Read on for the notes on architecting serverless apps at scale.