What Reviewers Get Very Wrong About Siri

Many years ago, I embarked on a home automation hobby that has drained my budget. Home automation is a horrifically expensive hobby (like most of them). There’s a lot of trial and error. You’ll almost always buy stuff that doesn’t work or integrate well. It’ll be expensive. You’ll want to replace it because it’s not perfect. I started off with the center of my universe on Amazon Alexa (like most people).

Safari Site Trackers

It’s interesting to me to see who’s doing the actual tracking. Thanks to Safari, it seems the worst violators in my bubble are… tech sites.

The 2020 Election

I do not understand how there are 50 million people in this country who look at the hatred, corruption, lies, narcissism, blatant ineptitude and moral bankruptcy and think… “We need 4 more years of this.” I understand it’s about the journey and not the destination, but… seriously?

Apple, WWDC, and New Hardware

Apple never announces hardware updates at WWDC. They only talk about the software and things that developers care about. The new hardware always comes in the September/October timeframe. I don’t understand why the press continues to think Apple will release new hardware at WWDC.

Yes, they talked about Apple Silicon, and they gave you a good guess about when it’s coming out - but they didn’t announce anything that you can buy, yet.

How is it that Apple has followed this formula for more than a decade and people still don’t get it?

The Cloud Profession is Hard

Probably the toughest and most mind-boggling thing about any cloud profession is that you could easily spend your entire career working and learning about one of the cloud providers, such as Amazon or Azure.

But the reality, in practice, is that CIO’s want you to know them all. Why? They just don’t feel comfortable with “all the eggs in one basket.” But they’re more than happy to pay one person a fraction of their worth to have to know how to do them all.

That part kind of sucks.

Playing with Forestry

I happened to see someone mention on a Hugo forum. I’m trying it. It looks pretty nice, like what I would expect from a headless CMS where hosting isn’t necessary.

Why Is Headless CMS So Hard?

I really want to use my iPad to write code. It shouldn’t be this hard. I don’t know why, but it really is. Today, I’ve been playing with round-tripping through Working Copy and Code Editor by Panic (formerly Coda). I think I’ve almost gotten it worked out, but man is it painful. I shouldn’t have to run a webdav server on my own iPad to edit documents and save back to GitHub.

I guess the good news is that I’m able to ssh into a local copy of my git repo without leaving this window. I sure have put down a lot of money on text/code editors just to experiment and find out which ones aren’t working out.

This should be so much easier. I feel like iPadOS has been band-aided to death so that it can avoid being a Macbook when people want to use it like a Macbook.

TV+ Is Confusing as Hell

Recently, my mother moved in with us because she has needs that require her to be attended. I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to make her comfortable in the home. Part of that comfort entails setting up a TV for her to watch her shows. We’re an all-streaming home now, as I finally pulled the plug on DirecTV about a month ago. My mother is a die-hard DirecTV fan because she’s used to it.

Now, I have to ask her to get used to the way we watch shows in this house and it’s been painful.

Tips From a Relutant Leader

Those of you who know me personally may be familiar with the fact that I want nothing to do with management or leadership. I really don’t. I spent a number of years in a project where leadership was something that was quite attractive to me. After I went through that period of time, I realized that what I really want is absolutely nothing to do with responsibility. I definitely do not want to be responsible for anyone else’s success or guiding directions of an overall team.

But time and time again, I was told that I was needed to take this kind of thing on. I care about people and especially my teammates, so if I feel like I can make a difference by being in that kind of role, I will do my best.

But I won’t like it.