Missed Opportunities in Star Trek

<dd class="wp-caption-dd zemanta-img-attribution" style="font-size: 0.8em;"> Image by <a href="">AFP/Getty Images</a> via <a href="">Daylife</a> </dd> </dl> FOREWARNING: SPOILERS. IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN STAR TREK, STOP READING NOW. While I’ve been on a trip for the day job this week in downtown Dallas, TX, some of us found time to check out of the action and head over to catch Star Trek a second time. It’s purely logical that a few NASAgeeks want to check it out again, yes?

A Mind Blowing Gift

Words cannot express the birthday present I was given today. I have a dual trip to Californiacoming up in June – first to CalConnectto represent NASAon the standards body board there in Redwood Shores, then WWDC2009. I combined both trips into one, which left me with an empty weekend. My wife chose to fill it. I suppose to she was tipped off by my exploration into the idea of driving out to Las Vegasfor the weekend.

Dish Network Customer Service: A poor first impression

<dd class="wp-caption-dd zemanta-img-attribution" style="font-size: 0.8em;"> Image via <a href="">Wikipedia</a> </dd> </dl> One of the fortunes I’ve had this year was to finally obtain a “real” TVset to replace the small dinky tube I’ve had since I moved out of my house. In case you’re wondering, that’s about 19 years ago. I had promised myself that once I obtained a home theater-type of setup, I was going to load it up with plenty of HD services.