Who Needs Doctors When the Insurance Company Knows Better?

There is a really disturbing trend developing in health care. I can sum it up thusly: the insurancecompanywill decide the fate of a patient’s treatment. One company in particular seems to know better than any medical professional that has ever taken a medical class: Aetna. You see, Aetna thinks that because the doctor didn’t do a sleep study on me and there is no “official” diagnosis, then he has no right to request that I obtain a prescriptionto fight the narcolepsyfor a month while they line up some time in the clinic.

First Video Podcast Released Today

Today I had the honor of putting together the first “real” video podcastfor The DVD Marquee, a DVD/movie podcast site run by Jeffrey Rosado. Those of you who know me very well know that I’ve been dreaming of putting together a new mediacompany. Jeff, a longtime friend of mine, shares this dream. He had the notion to fire up a quick video podcast for the Oscarsthis year and, despite the extremely tight deadline, he managed to land equipment and a location.