Exchange 2007

Where Powershell Fails

I’m all about negativity today. Sorry. Anyway, I’ve had something nagging at me for a while now and I think I’ve just figured it out. Powershellis Microsoft‘s answer to having a dumb commandline through the Win95 – Win2003 years and it’s quite powerful, as the name implies. Microsoft likes it so much that they makes most of the Exchange 2007administration efforts in the Exchange Management Shell, a derivative of Powershell that contains Exchange-specific cmdlets.

When RUS Strikes

One item you’ve probably learned by now if you’re an Exchange admin working on a 2007 deployment is that Microsoft has changed the behavior of the recipient update policy. Most of you won’t care about this and that’s just fine. You shouldn’t. I would dare say that if your Exchange environment is engineered well and planned out the way Microsoft probably expects it to be, you should have almost no issues whatsoever.

Evolution and Exchange 2007

[ Setup Entourage 2004 to connect to Exchange 2007 – Robbas Weblog]1 After reading this blog article and knowing that Entourage 2004 and Evolution both use webdav to talk to Exchange, I’m wondering if this information would resolve Evolution connectivity into Exchange 2007. Those of you coming to this blog and seeking that info could give it a try, then comment below if it works. Thanks 🙂