New Google+ Features Really Make it Kick Ass

I have to admit… Google+’s new features make this a really compelling place to hang out for social features. I like the technical approach more and more, but it’s too bad that it’s hard to get people on to it.

Microsoft’s EC Complaint About Google

I was reading the blog post over at Microsoft from the fellow… Oh, I forget his name already. Anyway, he was explaining why Microsoft is filing a complaint with the European Commission about Google’s unfair business advantages and whatnot. At first, this whole thing comes off as a company entering legacy mode. Microsoft reminds me of the RIAA, MPAA and the newspaper industry. They clearly feel the edge is blunted and their technology is dying.

The Big Three in Back to the Future Terms

It just occurred to me while I was visiting the Thinking Chamber earlier today: If the big three tech companies were characters in Back to the Future, they would be… Microsoft == Biff Apple == Marty McFly Google == Doc Brown

Migrating RSS feeds to Safari 4.x

<dd class="wp-caption-dd zemanta-img-attribution" style="font-size: 0.8em;"> Image via <a href="">CrunchBase</a> </dd> </dl> When NetNewsWirewent with Google Readersyncing, the hair stood up on the back of my neck. I swore off Google Reader quite some time ago. Indeed, I was using NNW to avoid Google Reader. Now I’m being forced back? It was time to look into splitting up with NNW. I haven’t used RSSsupport in OS Xsince Safari3, so I decided to give it a new try in Safari 4.

25 Random Facts Meme

This kind of bothers me. I noticed on Google Adsensethat daily traffic to my website had increased by 4 times the amount of regular traffic. I poked around the stats to look at why this might be and what I found there makes me stop and think:  Top search queries for galaxycowStop and think about why people would be searching all over the net for this meme. No, just stop and think about it for a minute.

“Chrome” set to reignite old tensions

Continuing my recent tradition of expressing what are likely to be fairly unpopular opinions with my peers, tonight I’m going to rag on Google‘s “Chrome” project and tell you why this is a Bad Idea ™. I’ll try to keep this short (update: I failed). This is considered to be a discussion starter, not a final statement. I’ll probably elaborate on these discussion points on the next NO CARRIER, so be sure and give me some feedback here.